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California Premises Liability Expert, Stairs,
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When providing litigation support to my clients on matters of personal injury, I call upon my extensive experience in building inspections, my technical knowledge, and my observational and communication skills to render objective and accurate evaluations.  My areas of expertise focus on premises liability, slip, trip, and fall matters, floor slip-resistance testing, accessibility on paths of egress, and code compliance.

I use the knowledge gained when earning code-certified inspector and plans examiner credentials in multiple categories with the International Code Council (ICC), to evaluate the design and construction of stairs, handrails, walkways, ramps, decks, and paths of egress from a building.  My research on an assignment can utilize my extensive library of building codes, both current and legacy editions. Peer reviewed scientific studies, consensus standards, and historical publications are referenced to ensure that my opinions, reports, and advice advance from industry recognized and defensible positions.

As a professional property inspector since 2002, I have  observed and reported on the condition of thousands of commercial, institutional and residential buildings.  I draw on that large bank of experience to establish a frame of reference I can bring to my clients’ cases as a consulting and testifying expert.

In the course of providing expert services I have performed site inspections, provided consultations, written reports, analyzed opposing expert witness reports, and testified.  The cases I have worked on involved personal injury or death.  My credentials as an expert have never been subjected to legal challenge.

If your case involves the complexities of building codes, inadequate maintenance, or floor slip resistance testing, please consider me to augment your legal team.  I can use my skills and knowledge to better inform counsel, the clients, and the trier of fact.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and a copy of my CV.

Blair Pruitt, CFLC, WACH

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Areas of Expertise:Expert Witness Services in Premises Liability Cases California Slip and Fall, San Francisco, Trip and Fall, Los Angeles

Stairs, Walkways, Ramps, Decks

Accessibility on the paths of egress

Building Code Compliance

Premises Liability

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Floor slip resistance testing-tribometry

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)



• Provides property condition assessments of commercial buildings for investors, owners, and lessees.


• Provides litigation support as a consulting and testifying expert.  Areas of specialty include assessment of the design, construction, and condition of stairs, walkways, ramps, decks, lighting, and other building components.  Retaining counsel for both defendants and plaintiffs have requested consultation in cases involving slips and falls, and premises liability issues

• Provided building surveys for construction companies prior to, and after major construction and infrastructure projects.  Responsibilities included evaluating and documenting structural conditions of commercial, institutional, and residential buildings, and municipal infrastructure that could be influenced by nearby construction projects.  

• Provides floor slip resistance testing and produces coefficient of friction results.

Case Summary:  The plaintiff was the lessee in a commercial building who sustained life-altering injuries when she slipped on a wet floor.  The property owner was unresponsive to repeated requests by the tenant to repair a roof leak.  After an overnight rain, the tenant slipped on a pool of water on the floor.  At the site inspection I was able to document the path of the water intrusion from the source of the leak to the location on the vinyl-covered floor where it had accumulated.  I advanced an opinion based on multiple nationally-recognized safety standards that the property owner failed to demonstrate reasonable care by his poor maintenance practices.  The case ended with a settlement payment to the injured party.

California Slip and Fall Expert Witness